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Neutron Coin

White Paper

A complete and concise report that informs investors about our vision and plans to get there. Welcome to Neutron.

The new standard in PoS coins

Neutron coin (NTRN) is a maturing, dependable blockchain that features Proof of Stake and a Nucleus Node System. Our goal is to help the cryptocurrency culture spread and to help its community and new users. Very low fees and very fast transactions are among Neutron’s strong points.

Send Money Instantly

Sending Neutron to another wallet is simple & fast. Tests show that a NTRN transaction is processed in a matter of seconds by our network.
Transaction times of minutes and even hours are unrealistic in real-word applications.

Automatic ROI

With automatic interest payments, it’s not complicated to grow your Neutron. You just hold them in your wallet and keep it running on your computer and that’s it! Our masternodes offers estimated ROI of 60% per year if you hold enough Neutron.

Low Fees

One of the most important factors to stay relevant and competitive, not only in the crypto space, but also in the banking and web payment markets, is transaction fees. Ours had to be one of the lowest in the market – and they are. Cheaper, faster &easier.

Vision & Values

Neutron is all about being kind. We want to make crypto easier to grasp, support crypto educators and teachers &help to demystify and spread cryptocurrency culture. We believe in honesty and hard work. That’s why none of our team members hide their identities. Our team is proud to have the reputation of being one of the main differentials of our coin. Nothing can break us and nothing ever will. This is Neutron’s resolve. This is the resolve cryptocurrency needs. Real hard work and no empty promises. Neutron has been around since 2015 and we’re not going anywhere. Our goal is a healthy and stable price increase backed by hard work and technology. This is a long-term project.  

New Champion Team

Since the project ’s inception, Neutron has been taken over by new, strong leadership. Under this new management, Neutron’s price has experienced a 100x increase in less than one year. In that same year, we went from 1 masternode to 400. And in that very same year, the Neutron Team has also released a decentralized education platform to help investors and the crypto community. All major wallet and network bugs were fixed by the current development team. Neutron now runs on a robust and reliable network with a simple and seamless wallet.    

24/7 Customer Support

Our famous customer support is one of our most loved features. We offer a custom one-on-one tech support experience for investors who are having trouble setting up their recently acquired masternodes or maybe answering frequently asked questions. We offer a large number of guides, alongside a rich FAQ area on our website. We are working on our own collection of video content to further improve our already-stellar customer service. Also, our team is known for being one of the most responsive in the crypto space and we only plan to make it better from here. Chat or email, we are there for you when you need us most.  

Technology Overview

Rewards reduce over time, slowly decreasing over every million blocks. By the end of each million block period, the reward will be half of what it was at the beginning of that million blocks. Maturity is reached at block 10,000,000 (there will be plans during the “Golden Age” of Neutron post block 10,000,000 to redistribute an increased network fee per transaction to all wallets based on the individual wallets weight. Those rewards will be divided upon the same percentages that the stakes are now, roughly 59.4% to the master nodes, 10% to the project funding and 30.6% to the winning wallet as declared by the network. This will evolve over the coming decades as new ideas emerge and mature.

Circulating Supply


Total Coin Supply




PoW Generated Coins


RPC Port


P2P Port


PoS Kicked In

@ block 500

Launch &Premine

Fair Launch, No Premine, No IPO/ICO

Block Time

79 seconds

Coinbase Maturity

90 blocks

PoS Coin Maturity

5h (hiPOS)

Project Funding


Technology Core Values

The Neutron Team is centered around propagating the positive effects of mainstream Cryptocurrency adoption. 

It is our mission to free minds and better lives. Honesty, Respect, and Kindness go a long way. In the future, we will showcase the positive influence cryptocurrency has in the world.

So what makes Neutron Different than any other Staking/Masternode coin?

Simply put, the math. We believe that Neutron is in the “Goldilocks Zone”.

Larger supply than BTC and LTC but smaller than ETH with consistent staking rewards for anyone holding a balance. At 17% the reward in the form of NTRN per stake is much better than anything a traditional Fiat institution can offer on investment returns This also makes Neutron an interesting tool for times of a stagnant BTC market in which the returns in the form of staked NTRN outweigh the potential profit (or loss) of a volatile BTC marketplace. A person could invest 1 BTC, if that person stakes that amount of NTRN and then sell if they like at any time to reenter the market. Neutron is a long-term hold style coin. As the value of NTRN increases, so does the value of the initial investment and the returns making Neutron quite valuable to those holding enough to generate a truly passive income of newly minted Neutron. As this is realized in mass and coupled with the increasing scarcity, the perpetuation of those just starting to those leaving, and others coming back will always be a revolving door. A stable price floor with natural volume increase will support a strong backbone for this type of ecosystem to thrive. It’s actually quite simple, and that’s also a reason we love it.


Self Funded System

Constant growth and the innovation of our systems is a crucial objective for our strategy. Therefore, Neutron is a self-sufficient system that has its own fixed budget that maintains and improves the project. Each block reward is split with 10% dedicated to the budget Project Fund and 90% dedicated to reward masternodes and stake mining. Budget Allocation The project funding will be allocated between the following areas:
Development: DEX API Support Future Projects / Features Wallet Redesign GUI Enhanced Customer Support Enhanced Security
Administrative Growth: Securing Additional Exchanges Development and Support Expansion


Graphics / Illustrations

Video Production


Content Creation

Campaign Creation &Execution

Additional Sponsorships

Promotional Events

Contests / Competitions

International Market Expansion


Marketing &PR

Since this is a very dynamic department we’ll show you our broad marketing analysis. This is a forever changing market and the strategies, tools, budget distribution and media outlets have to change as fast as the crypto market does. So it makes no sense to have or present you a solid and static digital strategy. For those who are interested to see our marketing approach &master strategy here is our guide.