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Step 1 – Download Latest wallet

Download the most recent version of the Neutron Coin wallet here: Step 2 – Open the wallet Choose the proper version for your operating system. Opening the AppImage will run the wallet. The default Windows directory should be similar to: C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Roaming\Neutron Step 3 – Use Bootstrap (super fast sync) Download the Official Latest Bootstrap and extract it into the Neutron Data folder Above Step 4 – Create a Masternode using Creation Wizard After obtaining 25,001 NTRN, Create the New Masternode Address
  1. Unlock the wallet.
  2. Go to “Nucleus” tab.
  3. Under “My Nucleus Node” tab
  4. Click the “Create“ button.
  5. Nucleus Creation window will open with a detailed explanation. Enter an “alias” , then Locate your IP Address you will use.
  6. Insert the IP and port 32001 as shown (
  7. Now click “OK” to complete the setup.
  8. Send 25,000 NTRN to this new Masternode Address and wait the Min 15 Confirms for it to mature to be usable.
  9. Click the “Alias” of the Masternode just created and click the “GET CONFIG” Button
  10. Open a notepad/text editor and paste this info there for later usage.
  11. Click “TOOLS” menu on top of the wallet and then “Open Wallet Config
  12. Paste Everything from the Notepad/Masternode “GET CONFIG” Button into this Neutron.conf
  13. Double check everything and ensure you have the correct IP address and Port. Click file, save when Confirmed.
  14. Restart the wallet for the new config to take effect.
  15. Once your transaction hits 15 confirmations in the transaction list, click “Nucleus” tab and then click “START” button.

VPS installation

Step 1 Download and extract Neutron wallet for Linux Using your Favorite SSH client, downlaod the Wallet Daemon:
mv neutrond-v4.1.2-linux-x86_64.AppImage neutrond
chmod 755 neutrond
./neutrond -daemon
This will start the wallet and begin sync. After a min or two, Stop the wallet and Load the Bootstrap for Faster blockchain syncing. ./neutrond -stop   Step 2 – Use Bootstrap (super fast sync)
cd ~/.neutron/ && wget && unzip -o

Masternode Configuration

Step 3 – edit the configuration file
nano ~/.neutron/neutron.conf
Paste the info from the Nucleus Creation from above: rpcallowip= rpcuser=REPLACEME rpcpassword=REPLACEME server=1 listen=1 staking=0 masternode=1 masternodeaddr= masternodeprivkey=XxxXXXxxxxxxx Save and exit the editor by pressing CTRL-O and Enter to save and CTRL-X to exit the editor. Now Restart the wallet to Apply the new Configurations. ./neutrond -daemon After a Min or two, Start the Nucleus node by command: ./neutrond masternode start