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Blockchain for Everyone

Affordable high-end education for the cryptocurrency world

Every single technology that has changed the world started out complicated: cars, planes, phones, computers and internet. Neutron brings the best and most objective courses to make crypto simple – at an affordable price with perks.


Trading & Investing

Hypester's Crypto Trading Course

Beginner/Intermediate – 11:40 Hours

$999 in BTC / $499 in NTRN

A full-spectrum crypto trading course explaining the most efficient and widely used techniques to boost and protect profits while decreasing losses. The course offers some ready-to-go trade strategies to quickly start profiting with simplicity.

Looking for Crypto Teachers

Do you have an Youtube channel about crypto and are looking to monetize? Or maybe a blogger/influencer looking to get your courses out there? Whoever you are, if you teach crypto and want to make money while doing what you love, get in touch!

What We Offer

If it’s crypto, it’s Neutron. Our mission is to cover all the bases when it comes to explaining what cryptocurrency is all about. Take a look at the areas we want to cover.

Beginner Courses

Crypto can be very confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We will find people who make it simple.

Blockchain Technology

Understanding this technology that is shaping and changing the world is a career game changer.

Real World Applications

It’s time to stop with promises and take this revolution to the real world. Let’s learn the best ways to do so.

Trading & Investing

Learn how to profit and take advantage of the most volatile and fastest growing market in the world.

Coin Creation & Management

People used to dream about having their own start-up, now they want to have their own coin. We want to show you how.

Technology Analysis

There are hundreds of promises out there, and learning how to filter them can make your life a lot easier.

Most Popular Courses

Take a look at what students are buying most!

Free Courses

We accept free courses just like any other. Neutron’s main goal is to spread and demystify the cryptocurrency world.

Premium Courses

If you want to live from teaching and still make some savings for retirement, we are the perfect fit. Get in touch and submit your course.

Ready to get started?

Questions, partnerships or doubts, just get in touch, we love to chat!